Hybrid Social Solutions
Driving Social Impact


Business Description
Founded in 2010, Hybrid Social Solutions, Inc. (HSSi) is a social business dedicated to eliminating Energy Poverty in the Philippines, which affects over 20 million Filipinos. HSSi addresses Energy Poverty by enabling rural citizens to acquire their own personal Solar Power Plants and a wide range of highly efficient appliances designed specifically for off-grid households, community facilities, and rural livelihoods.

Transaction Overview
New Leaf Ventures invested in HSSi through a recapitalization structure.

To enable far-flung villages to access solar products, HSSi is building a gridless solar electricity network composed of Hybrid Solar Value Chains (HSVCs) that tap both commercial and philanthropic funding sources. These HSVCs are activated and nurtured through the pro-active management of HSSi's Solar Hubs and regional operations. HSVCs are designed to cater to typical end user segments in rural villages: households, farmers and fishermen, small commercial establishments, schools and clinics, and other government services, including disaster preparation and response. By taking a social enterprise approach that is scalable and profitable, HSSi plans to bring the transformative impact of solar-powered solutions nationwide.

Add-On Acquisition Criteria
HSSi is raising a Preferred Shares Series C round.

Jim Ayala | Founder and CEO: jim.ayala@hybridsolutions.asia